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About Pinzgauers
Pinzgauers have been around in Australia since the late eighties. However it was in the mid nineties that cattle people began to sit up and take notice of this quiet beef breed with so much going for it. This growing awareness and respect has been recognised in the show ring with major awards being received by the breed in Australia's most prestigious shows in both individual and interbreed classes. Pinzgauers both purebred and cross bred have featured very well in carcase competitions adding to their credibility as a strong contender in the beef market.
Pinzgauer Cattle studs are all over Australia including Gippsland, Geelong region, Ballarat, Goulburn, Gladstone, East Palmerston, Bundaberg, Yarra Valley, Tasmania and South Australia.
Link to go to the Australian Pinzgauer Breeders Association - http://www.pinzgauer.org.au/
Breed characteristics.
Pinzgauers have pigmented skin under a chestnut red coat and white markings on the back, tail and barrel. They adapt readily and easily to a variety of climates. Eye problems are rare. Smooth hair and firm, flexible skin prevents tick and other insect infestations. Hard, dark, closed hooves and strong leg bone formation give Pinzgauers excellent ranging ability, ideal in conditions where they are forced to graze far from water. Their inherent structural soundness and stamina, their ability to adapt to a variety of environmental conditions, and their quiet disposition are only a few of the qualities that make Pinzgauers the cattleman's choice in a seedstock or commercial herd situation.
Pinzgauer/Shorthorn cross steer at 10 months
Pinzgauer/Shorthorn cross steer at 10 months.
Pinzgauer Bulls
Pinzgauer bulls demonstrate masculine characteristics early in life and are fertile, aggressive breeders, yet usually remain docile to manage throughout their breeding life. Mature bulls average 900 kilograms and up, while mature females level out at approximately 540kg to 720kg. More moderately sized in relation to the "big is better" theory, Pinzgauer progeny still have above average weaning weights, gainability and feed conversion, but they maintain the easy calving ability that cattlemen prefer.

Pinzgauer Cows
Pinzgauer females usually calve easily. The Australian Pinzgauer Association’s continued focus on the careful selection of 'calving ease' sires helps to ensure young heifers have an easy birth and provide a vigorous first calf in what will be a long and productive breeding life. In fact longevity of breeding life is the norm with some cows still calving at 13-16 years of age. Udders are well-formed and hold up well during lactation, and it is not uncommon for a Pinzgauer female to wean a 270+ kg calf. The ability to rebreed while nursing is another important economic trait Pinzgauers exhibit. It is very important for brood cows to produce and wean a heavy calf and do it year after year.
Probably the most notable quality of the Pinzgauer, as a mother, is its superb milk production ability. Undoubtedly due to their origins as a dual purpose breed Pinzgauer cows are “designed” to produce large quantities of high quality milk. This abundance of milk production ensures high weaning weights of between 250 and 350 kg. Even “first calf” Pinzgauers exhibit strong mothering instincts and exceptional milk production. no matter what the conditions. As such Pinzgauer and Pinzgauer cross cattle provide excellent fast growing steers. horned or polled, Their quiet temperament makes them very manageable in the paddock and the yards making them an ideal choice for small farms with limited facilities as well as large commercial operations.
Pinzgauer beef has less fat without losing tenderness and flavour. Pinzgauer beef provides the best of both worlds...tender, juicy, flavourful beef without a lot of fat or waste. Isn't this just what the consumer wants?
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